Meet Our Preacher


I was born in Middle Tennessee in 1971. At that time my family worshipped with the Riverside Drive Church in East Nashville. When I was age 5 we started attending the Kemper Heights congregation in Madison where I attended through college. In college, I met my wife, Christy Page. We married in 1994 and on June 25th of this year we will celebrate 24 years together. God has blessed us with 4 wonderful children, Maria, Amanda, Natalie and Andrew. I worked for a company called Fleetco Trailer Co. for 18 years and preached the gospel part time. I quit Fleetco to care for Andrew and continued to preach the gospel.

For 19 years we have been associated with the church family at Millersville. We have been in and out of assembling with Millersville during that time. We came to be members when Maria was 2 years old in 1999. Throughout this 19 years I had preached part-time to help out other congregations. In 2008, we traveled to Tompkinsville, KY at Lyons Chapel church until a permanent man was found. I worked another year with the Bell Road Church in Antioch until the flood of 2010 wiped out the business I worked at. I had to quit preaching at that time to work longer hours to get the business up and running again.
In 2012 our son Andrew was born with a bad heart. It was at this time that Millersville gave their heart to us. You helped us through the most difficult time in our life. It was then that Christy and I made the decision for me to stay home and care for Andrew. As he was blessed by God with better health, I then returned to preaching. I preached for the North Sumner Church in Portland for a year in 2013 until I was asked to come to Campbell Road Church in 2014. Today I am blessed with the privilege of spreading the Good News at Millersville.

Throughout the years we have been involved with Millersville. We have taught Bible classes, had the youth in our home for monthly Bible studies, and enjoyed fellowship with each of you. For the last two years I have been asked to be the master of ceremonies for VBS and was the director in 2017. From time to time I write articles in the bulletin. It is with great excitement that I stand before you today to proclaim the gospel.

Regular worship services have resumed! Masks are encouraged, and services will continue to be streamed live for those who cannot join us in person.