Meet Our Elders

The elders at the Church of Christ of Millersville are all individuals, but they can all be identified as an overseeing unit with one of the many characteristics of Christ tying their work together – compassion.


If there was ever an elder who could be described as boldly humble, this is the one. The enthusiasm of Frank Fox as an overseer will probably never be in doubt as long as he holds the distinction. Driven by a tireless love for the brethren, he is always looking for ways to reach out and help someone with any need if it means making them more spiritually aware. Frank has been a part of Millersville and its surrounding communities since his birth on a late summer day in 1946. After 20 years preaching at Walton’s Chapel and 13 years in the eldership at Millersville, the gas tank remains full in him as both members and visitors get a taste of his energy during the periodic worship services he is leading. But his public self only underlies the depth of his character. Always striving to stir up those around him to love more and give more to the service of the Lord, Frank has always found his strength in people and what he can do to make their spiritual appetite stronger. No matter if he is around believing brethren or rebelling atheists, he and his wife Pat are always offering spiritually higher ground whether by tough love, gentle words or kind action.


If you want the definition of a servant-leader, Mark Lanius fits the bill. He and his supportive wife, Genine, have served the congregation at Millersville in many capacities for years. For Mark, the eldership is the next act of service. The desire to be a shepherd came down to three things for Mark. First and foremost, glorifying God, second, to serve the brethren at Millersville, and third, to better seek the lost. For Mark, service did not come from a quest for power but from a deep desire to see the flock grow in faith and love. He states his purpose well: “My purpose in serving is to develop, encourage and inspire future leaders from the youngest to the oldest members and for us to love, strengthen and edify one another for the good of the faith. May the God of heaven and earth, the only true and living God bless us all and may we always go with God!”


Time was a major factor in the process Hugh Nichols took in becoming the newest elder at the Church of Christ at Millersville. Not one to rush into a decision and a big believer in practical wisdom, Hugh wanted to make sure he had the time to devote himself fully to the work he believed God called him. Applying principles from his favorite passages in the books of Job and Proverbs, Hugh prioritized his life in a way that the experiences he garnered as a husband, father, deacon and teacher would serve him well as a spiritual shepherd. As a retired teacher, Hugh gained a great perspective over the years in reading students who came from difficult backgrounds and doing what he could to encourage their growth. He sees the eldership similarly in many ways, since looking for the needs of people is such a big part of shepherding a flock. With great support, balance and moderation from his family, specifically his wife Anita, Hugh has all the traits of a faithful overseer.

Regular worship services have resumed! Masks are encouraged, and services will continue to be streamed live for those who cannot join us in person.