What Does Your Name Mean?

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I really have no clue as to what my name means. I was named after my father, Robert, for my first name. Keith was just a name my parents liked. I would like to think that Keith means “a good looking son” but I doubt it means that. It could mean “a man with many children and a beautiful wife” but I doubt it means that. It could mean man with “bright long red hair”, but I doubt it (long because Angela Brown told me Wednesday night I need a cut). The truth is I really don’t know what it means. In the bible though, I can read about one person whose name’s meaning is known.

In Gen 2 Adam was given a job by God to name all of the animals.  I wonder how he came up with all of those names. That would be a daunting task. We spend months just coming up with names for our unborn children. Think about how many names you went through until it was decided what the child or children would be named. God also created another human, whom Adam named.  I read in Gen 2:23 that Adam named this new creature woman. She was different than the animals God had created. Adam has logic when he names her because she came from him, woman. It’s interesting that verse 23 is given logic by verse 24, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh” (NAS). Plain and simple we become just like they were in the beginning, when we do marriage God’s way. God’s way has logic! It gives glory to God when we do things His way rather than going after our own lust and appetites.

Young people,don’t be fooled by the media stating that there is an alternative lifestyle that is equal to what God created. It is a delusion of the devil! Decide and pray today for a loving mate that loves God like you do. Pray that God will help you choose a mate that will be one with you for life. Pray for God to send you one who wants to grow with you in good times and bad. Pray to God to send one that will help you walk down the narrow road towards eternity.

Middle age folks, don’t give up on what God has given you. Times might have been tough for you and your spouse. But don’t try and separate one flesh. Work out your problems, talk to each other, and give more effort than you did yesterday. Don’t let children, parents, brothers or sisters, or friends come between one flesh. Life is hard but you made a vow to God. His way has logic. Believe Him!

Older folks, thanks for showing us that God’s way is best. Thanks for sticking it out through sickness and health, rich or poor, for better or worse. You are an example to the whole congregation that God’s way works and His logic still is the best way since creation. What does a name mean?  It means that God knew what He was doing in the beginning and He still knows what He is doing today.






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